PNAMDC Inc. Inaugural speech – Myrna Joy Arellano
PNAMDC Inc. President 2017-2018

May 27, 2017
Hilton Alexandria Mark Center

Good Evening to all, Magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat and Maayong Gabii sa inyong tanan.

Thank you all for joining us tonight as we celebrate this wonderful tradition: the induction and installation of the 2017-2019 Executive Officers and Board of Directors. Your presence is greatly valued and honors this association.

I will not be here today without the support of my loving family and my dear friends and respected colleagues. I extend my warmest gratitude to the many people who’ve worked so hard to plan this evening and continue to attend to its many details.

I would like to offer a special greeting to those present here with us tonight:

1. The Honorable Charge de affaire’ Patrick Chuasoto from the Philippine Embassy;
2. Maryland State Delegate Kris Valderrama
3. Rev. Atty. Arnedo Valera Migrant heritage Commision, US Pinoys for Real Change in the Philippines and legal counsel for PNAA and PNAMDC
4. PNAA President Dino Doliente and PNAA Past president Vicky Navarro and Lolit Compas
5. Representatives from other (local) Community organizations and agencies
a. My dear friends from Mabuhay Inc. and esteemed colleagues from Howard University Hospital and Medstar Georgetown University Hospital

  1. PAFC
  2. Kababayans
  3. US Medicare Ph Portability
  4. Filipino Accountant Association of America
  5. Caregivers Home Health Services
  6. Mrs. Philippines Homes for Senior Citizens Inc.
  7. PNA Maryland Chapter

I am, indeed, greatly privileged and honored to be standing in front of you to carry the helm and torch of this prestigious association- the Philippine Nurses Association of Metro DC – the only professional association of Filipino American Registered Nurses in the nation capital.

I humbly follow in the steps of previous PNAMDC Inc. Presidents who have set the high standards for advocacy, leadership and service.

The contributions and achievements we have garnered the past 2 years, under the able leadership of our immediate past president Lorna Imperial Seidel, are great manifestations of how this organization has developed into a strong arm of our community. It has been recognized for its contribution in the health care delivery system in the Metro DC area and beyond.

The past years have shown how PNAMDC Inc. had maintained the mission and vision of this association:

  •  To uphold the positive image and welfare of its constituent members;
  •  promote professional excellence;
  •  and contribute to significant outcomes to healthcare andsociety.These next 2 years we will strive to uphold and strengthen this mission by doing what we do best: Nursing with CARE.The first goal to achieve this CARE theme is –

– PNAMDC Inc. Nurses will show the way to the culture of health.

National Academy of Medicine

“A culture of health is where good health flourishes across geographic, demographic, and social sectors; where being healthy and staying healthy is an esteemed social value; and where everyone has access to affordable, quality health care.”

This brings us to the first value for our theme this year: C – for COMMITMENT: commitment to care for oneself, family, and community.

Caring for ourselves come first, before we can do other things. We have to be healthy, physically, emotionally and mentally. How do we do this?

Loving actions to ourselves and others- eating right, resting right and moving right! That means Balance Nutrition, Sleep for

6-8 hrs every night and Regular Exercise! Yes! We believe that taking care of yourself is the way to a healthy and productive life. Always remember that PREVENTION is the best Medicine.

The American Nurses Association is encouraging all nurses to join their campaign for: Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation Grand Challenge initiative. The Philippine Nurses Association of America joins the ANA in designating 2017 as the “Year of the Healthy Nurse.” As caregivers and as individuals, I encourage each one present here tonight to accept the challenge in keeping a healthy life style. This calls for all of us to strive together to build a Culture of Health for now and our future generation.

Goal #2- PNAMDC will increase community health outreach through health screenings and health education programs.

And how do we achieve this? With A for AWARENESS.

As nurses, we need to be aware and be mindful of factors that affect the well being of everyone around us. Everyone deserves to live the healthiest life possible. However, there are other factors that can be beyond one’s control in attaining the state of wellbeing: the environment, income levels, education and ability to access health care.

Nurses are the vital force in addressing these various aspects of health to move forward in building a healthier nation. Do you know anyone in need of health care but can’t get access to it because he/she is over 27 years old, not employed and not anymore covered by their parent’s insurance? Or an aging parent who just arrived here and has very limited medical coverage, or worse, the

bread winner of a family who just lost his/her job due to a reduction in force, illness or accident?

How can we help as a nursing association? By being aware of these needs and then explore ways to address them.

For years PNAMDC have been providing health screening and education through our community health outreach. Recently PNAMDC partnered with the American Diversity Group and hosted a community health outreach at St. Columba Parish Church in Fort Washington MD. We provided a number of vital screenings, and health education. We also provided information on access to some clinics with free health care through other volunteer agencies.

This is also true in our annual country outreach to the homeland. Last January, we were able to provide services to the 5202 patients during our 15th Medical Mission in Surigao City.

This was yet another opportunity for us to experience and increase our awareness of the continuing needs for medical support and attention, this time for our poor and unfortunate kababayans back home.

Awareness enables us to open our hearts and minds to the many opportunities in front of us. It allow our eyes to see and ears to hear and be inspired by it.

Goal #3 – Demonstrate the culture of Respect through effective communication and by embracing diversity.

The third value in our theme is R which stands for RESPECT.

Respect to others and respecting diversity.

Each of us was born into a society with a specific family culture, which forms the foundations of our beliefs, values, knowledge and rituals. Respect means to open up ourselves to these differences, especially to each other’s opinion, ideas and personalities.

For me, it is working together and supporting each other. It is also listening and honoring one’s choices, preferences and differences. We demonstrate respect by our words, deeds, and behaviors.

It fosters collaboration, synergy and cooperation. The success of every organization depends on how effective everyone involved can communicate with each other, Respectfully.

And finally, Goal #4 is to Increase PNAMDC Membership to 10% quarterly through the 4th value of our theme, E for Engagement

Member engagement is the emotional and intellectual commitment that each of us shares for PNAMDC and its goals.

Engagement is very important because it is the driving force that fuels the mission and vision of this association. Let’s start by consistently keeping our members and our networks informed of our activities through a newsletter or monthly updates, even social media. Let us actively invite them to participate and be part of our activities. Let’s encourage and celebrate members who pursue advance degree and specialty certification. Let us recognize and acknowledge contributions of members and be positive with each other. Let’s brainstorm and share ideas on how we can contribute more to our profession, our passion, and our patients.

With the underlying values of Commitment, Awareness, and Respect, let’s Engage our community and immerse PNAMDC into Nursing with CARE starting today.

I still have a great deal to learn about the task of leadership but I have been blessed with a remarkable Advisory Council, Board of Directors and Executive members in PNAMDC. I have worked closely with our outgoing President Lorna Seidel who has already provided me with guidance. I know I will continue to seek and benefit from their wisdom.

And I am grateful, humbled and honored to accept the Presidency of PNAMDC Inc. 2017-2019. With God’s graces and your support and assistance I will try to do my very best.

So help me and guide me Lord!
Please enjoy the night and celebrate! Let’s dance!