Good evening and Welcome!
Tonight we celebrate our achievements and the Induction of the new officers. I look to the future of this great organization which I am honored to lead on its “journey to wellness”.

My appreciation to the First Secretary and Consul Elmer Cato and his delegate from the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, Philippine Nurses Association of America President Vicky Navarro, PNA-Maryland Chapter and PNA-Delaware for gracing our event.

My heartfelt thanks to all our members, guests, friends, and respected leaders from various organizations for supporting our association. My deepest gratitude goes to our outgoing President Marissa Usman for her excellent leadership for these past 2 years. To my husband Rudy and son Jonathan, thank you so much for your loving guidance.

I am proud to highlight once again some of the PNAMDC accomplishments: free health screenings in DC, Maryland and Virginia, first aid services, and eleven Medical Missions to the Philippines. These accomplishments are a testament of how PNAMDC led in the efforts toward the state of wellness. Tonight, I am also introducing my theme for the next 2 years which is called “Journey to Wellness” through volunteerism and collaboration. This is a part of my Platform which will also focus on transparency and strengthening of the structural intricacy of our organization. I hope this journey will leave a legacy for our organization and nursing profession. The strategies to meeting this wellness state are monumental. As nurses, we should be the change leaders for this wellness challenge together with PNAMDC. Collaboration with PNAA and other organizations is a must and desirable.

An example of this journey to wellness is the new project we are engaging which is to collaborate with four nursing professional organizations. The eventual benefit for
our clients is to relax and have fun, a wellness strategy, while at the Washington Nationals Baseball Stadium on May 10, 2013. An additional example of this journey to wellness is our collaboration with PNAA in the 5K Walk to be held in the 34th PNAA National Convention. At this event, walking exercise, a wellness strategy is also being promoted.

Whether we are supporting our organization, collaborating with other organizations or providing health teachings, as nurses, we must deliver the “Yes we can” attitude and promote change in guiding our clients along the right pathways to wellness.

Let me end by quoting a recent article from American Nurse Today, “As nurses, we are wellness role models, but change of ourselves should first and foremost be for ourselves”.

Thank you so much! Daghang salamat!

Maraming salamat po!

April 6, 2013

By Leonora Mendoza, RN

PNAMDC President